Welcome to
the Hosta Mill

Welcome to the Hosta Mill

Who is it for ?

This website is for everyone interested in hostas:

  • gardeners,
  • hosta collectors and breeders,
  • people with an interest in Hosta botany,
  • anyone who loves plants and nature.


An elaborate website like this one contains a gigantic amount of information.  It's inevitable there will be errors.  If you come across any, would you please let us know ?

If you have new ideas to make the site better, you can put them on mail.  All together we can make this spot one large interactive encyclopedia for the whole hosta community.


What's new ?

February 2012

In 2012 the focus will not be on hostas, but on the house.  We're planning a major renovation, the building of a large extension.  More information can be found in the "House renovation" project.

For the website a thorough revision is scheduled, to bring it back up to date.

November 2011

The Hostaforum Lage Landen (Hostaforum Low Countries) is the successor of the very popular Hosta Valley Forum.  It is the main hosta forum for the Dutch speaking community of the worldwide hosta community.  Feel free to join; as English is the lingua franca in the hosta world, you can post your messages in English. Membership is free and it's possible to change your personal preferences to English.
Hosting is done on the hostamill.be domain.

May 2011

The first Hosta Mill seedlings are grown up.  We're proud to present a new chapter,

Hosta Mill Introductions

September 2010

Still weeding and spraying snails.  Time has come to make some crosses and start harvesting seeds.

Augustus 2010

Despite the fact that mother nature wasn't in the best mood for most of the year, it still promises to be a good year for the Hosta Mill garden.  August was very wet and many of the plants react by showing much lush new growth.  Of course this also means that weeds try to reclaim lost territory, and the snails are back; this time it's mostly young ones, but there seem to be masses of them.  The ammonium will take care of them.

The "woods", home of most of the species plants, have finally been finished, and the results are very pleasing to me.

July 2010

It's been a testing year for gardeners.  After the late frost spell came the snails and slugs.  After the battle with the slimy pests came a long, extremely dry period, with a real heat wave to make things even worse.  The cherry on the cake of trouble was supplied by some voles that decided they needed hosta roots.

Because time is limited, I've concentrated om working in the garden.  The website has been on hold for a while (again), as has been the photography project.  Due to the drought in July and the ever continuing snail attacks most plants are in no condition to be photographed anyway.

June 2010

Setting up and maintaining a simple but efficient system to keep track of all the plants in a collection take up little time and effort and is of great value when a collection keeps expanding.  Look here if you want to know more.

May 2010

It's been quiet in the Hosta Mill, garden and website alike since July 2009 due to an acute lack of time.  The consequences were terrible, especially for the garden. 
Over here in Belgium, the summer of 2009 was hot and there was hardly any rain.  Weeds ran out of control and hostas had to struggle to stay alive.  The summer was followed by a very cold and very long winter.  Especially towards the end of it, with a couple of cold spells after regrowth started, a lot of damage was done.  Add to this an explosion of the number of snails and you may understand I was beginning to wonder if it was all worthwhile.

Taking on the problems in a systematic, planned way resulted in a vast improvement of the situation in a span of a few weeks.  Information that can be useful to people meeting the same problems or wanting to prevent them.  It can be found here

June 30, 2009

Hostas of the Low Countries has been put up to date, based on the registrations until 2008.
I've taken the orginator as the most important data. To me, it's more important who bread the new hosta than who registered it (no offence to the Hosta registrar intended).'

June 18 2009

As years go by, experience grows.  How ? Well, some things go right, others go wrong.  I've been using my own potting mixture for a couple of years now, and it isn't as good as I thought it was.  So I had to make some adaptations to the formula.  I'm confident it will be better afterwards.  Look here for the update.

June 13 2009

I suppose the Hosta Mill will never be the same again after today.  We're proud to announce that #22 of the 2006-2007 H. 'Grand Slam' seedlings was elected 'Best Hosta Introduction 2009' by the Dutch Hosta Society on June 13.  You can find the full story here.

June 12 2009

The website has a new theme, simplified and leaving more space for the content.  There's also a new logo.  In case you wonder which plant it is in the logo: H. 'Chopsticks', a typical plant for the Hosta Mill Collection.

The 'Hosta Search' form on the left allows you to look for information on hostas in the major Hosta sites

I've added some 50 new pages in the Cultivar section, and descriptions are added regularly now.

The 2009 garden page is soon to come, and boy, there have been some major changes over there.  Where almost all of the plants used to be in containers, by now about 3/4 of them have been planted out.

I must add a section on new plants that originated in the Hosta Mill.  They are being evaluated; some have already been named, others are used as breeders to create our own breeding lines.