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The #1 site, alone in a league of its own

The Hosta Library

From the USA comes the mother of all hosta sites.  This is the place to be on the web for every true hosta enthusiast. A statue should be raised, honorary memberships for all Hosta societies given for those who offer us this Hosta Walhalla, especially Bob Axmear.

Other non commercial sites (ordered by continent)

This section should provide a selection of high quality personal websites on hostas from all over the world. 

There must be a multitude of other great sites on the web from all over the world. 

 If there is one (or more) great hosta site that stands out for you, let me know !!

A selection


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Hostas Galore (USA)

When I first set up this page, there were a lot of great hosta sites I didn't know. 
That was until I found the Hostas Galore by Jamie Freer. 
He hasn't been a hosta man for very long yet, but he made the finest collection of hosta links I've come across (and check out his hosta list).


Since my native language is Dutch, I know there are some high quality personal hosta sites made in the Low Lands (Belgium and the Netherlands). 

I can only hope that someday the Hosta Mill will reach the same level.

Hostacollectie (Belgium)

Danny Van Eechaute's website.  In one decade, he not only has built a huge collection of hostas, but, maybe as important, he also acquired an enormous amount of knowledge on the genus in all its aspects.  I presume he's one of the best in visual recognition of hostas.  He also gave us a number of lovely new introductions.

MyHostas en Hostamania (Belgium)

Thousands of cultivars and a vast amount of information on every single one of them; it was only a matter of time before someone would come up with the ultimate information system to collect and manage all of these data.  Hugo Philips is the man that reconciled hostas and databases.  He developed his own system, in which he brought together all information about hostas that was available to him.  And the nicest thing about it: Hugo put his system on the web, to make this massive source of information available to all hosta enthusiasts. 

Hostavalley (The Netherlands)

Jeroen Linneman was one of the first in the Lowlands to start a website, exclusively about hostas.  His pictures are among the best you can find, and the collection you can find in the topic "Hosta of the day" that he accumulated during the years gives you a review of the most beautiful hostas around (or not around).  Jeroen also has his own hybridizing program.  The first results are coming on the market. They are in the Naylor Creek 2007 catalog.

Hostadream (Belgium)

Dirk Dupré rivals on picture quality with Jeroen.  Loads and loads of pretty hostas to be found here.

Hostapassie (Belgium)

A very professional looking, highly informative site.  Due to the very clear structure of the site, the info you want is never more than a few clicks away.  Add to this the fact that Jaak Grosemans is a gifted storyteller, and the result is a great source for hosta knowledge.