Hosta societies

Hosta Societies

The American Hosta Society

The American Hosta Society is an international non profit organization, founded to foster and promote interest in the genus Hosta, the introduction of hostas into cultivation, the use of proper nomenclature and the development of new and improved varieties; and to sponsor the International Cultivar Registration Authority for the Genus Hosta.

Services provided to the members include

  • the Hosta Journal issued three times annually;
  • an annual convention with garden tours,
  • a scientific forum and a cut-leaf show;
  • a Web page;
  • and a Membership Directory sent every other year.

In addition there are regional group activities throughout the year.

A very important division of the AHS is the Hosta Registry, the prime source on all the registered hostas in existence.

De Nederlandse Hostavereniging

De Nederlandse Hosta Vereniging (Dutch Hosta Society) was founded in 1989; its objectives are to increase the knowledge on the genus hosta and the interest in hostas.

The society organizes workshops, where the members can attend to lectures on these interesting shade plants and visit gardens and nurseries, to see the plants in their prime .  Since the foundation,  al lot of excursions have been organized, not only in the Netherlands, but also to Belgium, the USA and Great Britain.

The British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society

The BHHS was founded in 1981.

Its aims are to:

  • foster interest in the cultivation of Hosta and Hemerocallis
  • answer botanical and cultural queries
  • give advice on the control of pests and diseases
  • advise on varieties and their availability
  • exhibit at shows
  • publish information concerning Hosta and Hemerocallis
  • stimulate interest through lectures, visits and exhibits
  • record old varieties and register them
  • trace old varieties
  • work closely with the N.C.C.P.G. (National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens)
  • operate a library service for literature
  • foster co-operation between plantsmen, hybridizers and the nursery trade
  • work closely with other societies and individuals
  • several regional groups in operation

Benefits of the membership:

  • the opportunity to meet other gardeners with similar interests
  • an exchange of ideas and information
  • use of the Society's library by post, with access to almost everything ever written on Hosta and Hemerocallis, including the Journals of the American Hosta Society and the American Hemerocallis Society
  • an Annual Bulletin
  • two Newsletters each year which keep members up to date with events and news items
  • three summer outings to different venues incorporating several garden/nursery visits
  • an A.G.M. in spring/early summer combined with one of the outings
  • an annual plant auction
  • lectures by eminent persons

The Danish Hosta Society

New from 2006, I don't have a lot of information on them.