on the Internet

Hostas on the Web

The WWW is an endless source of knowledge about hostas.  It is also the place where you can meet fellow hostaholics from all over the world.

There are the national and regional hosta societies, non profit organizations that have as their prime target to group hosta addicts and to promote the hosta as a gardening and collection plant.

Then you have the real addicts, like myself, that dedicate a website (and a lot of hours of work) to the genus Hosta.

Want to talk to some other hosta geeks ?  Find yourself a nice forum and blend In.  They're a great bunch, although most of them are fairly weird, more like geeks, I must confess.  But hey, they all love each other, so where is the harm ? And, besides, if you've got this far one The Hosta Mill site, I can assume safely you're knee deep in the hosta addiction as well.

And finally, there are the guys (and girls) that like to fulfill all your hosta wishes, the (commercial) hosta sellers.  Visiting some of these sites is like walking through paradise.  That is because most of the specialized sellers are genuine hostaholics themselves.