On the origin
of species


Without any exception, hosta species originate from the far east. 

Most species come from Japan and/or Korea.
About three species are endemic To China.

Knowledge on the origin of the species, and on the distribution in particular, can help the hosta grower to assess the growing conditions for species and cultivars in the garden.

Distribution Maps

At last I succeeded in making the promised distribution maps.  Not one map, as I originally planned, because this would have become rather cluttered, but one for every country and/or section.

As I've never seen a hosta in its natural environment, I had to base my maps on the existing work of others, in particular on the work of the authority in this field, Mr W.G. Schmid, to whom I am greatly indebted. 
The added value of the maps shown here lies in the possibility to select a species on the map, after which you're automatically linked through to the describing filing card.

All available maps are shown at the bottom of the left hand menu.