The website


Why yet another website ?

The really is only one reason: I'm completely addicted to hostas, and I want to share this passion with the rest of the world.

One central point about the hosta in culture

For as long as I've been collecting hostas, I've been surfing the web, looking for all the information about these wonderful plants I could find.

Most hosta sites are about pictures.  When I started out on this journey, it wasn't my intention to build yet another picture site, but as I went along the road, I learned most people just love hosta pictures, pictures they use to compare their own collection plants to or they use as a base for selecting  new plants to buy.  So there will be a collection of pictures of the plants growing in the Hosta Mill, that will extend as I take more pictures (I am a lousy photographer, so I'll have to take about 50+ pictures of every plant to get 1 decent one).

The main thing you can expect here is an ever extending collection of information on hosta as a collecting object, as an building  block in gardening and landscaping, about hosta species and cultivars, on collecting, on hosta care, hybridizing and multiplying, with loads of links to other sites.

Briefly, this site will, in time, become a collecting point for all of this info, a place of interest for all hosta lovers.

A collection log

This site should also become a log file about my hobby.

  • how does the collection evolve
  • which "projects" did I start up, and what were the results
  • the evolution of the garden

It looks like fun to me to share all of this with other hostaholics, and a great way to learn to know as many of them as I can.