The Hosta Mill Collection

The collection

2002 - 2005 - The early years

According to my recollection and (mainly) my collection database, I seriously started collecting hostas in a structured way, with the purpose of building a collection, in 2002.

"In a structured way" might be slightly exaggerated: everything I liked and wasn't to heavy or to expensive, was dragged home to the Hosta Mill.  Dwarf and small hostas were off limits from day 1, because I believed the little stuff wouldn't fit into a large garden.

What was my "M.O." ? During winter months, I downloaded the available catalogues from the Low Lands on the web. Every catalogue was transformed into an Excel file.
Then the first rough selection was made: everything to expensive (over 15 $) and to small (dwarf, small, small-medium) was removed.
Next step: all remaining plants were looked up in the Hosta Library and given a score (out of 10), based on how nice the plant looked to me.  Once every plant was "judged", I could order them every way I wanted.  Mostly this boiled down to a ranking based on score and price: the cheapest plants with the highest score were on top,  plants with a lower score fell out of grace, as did more expensive plants with an average rating.

The final result in 2005 : a patchwork of about 200, mainly large, variegated hostas.
As long as they were kept in containers, the overall view was acceptable to a certain degree, but when I started to try and give every plant a place in the garden, soon I did realize this would never work for us.  I wanted a peaceful shade garden, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fit in the 2005 collection: it was just to painful to the eyes.
During my many nursery visits, I learned to appreciate the more "quiet", simple hostas better.  Traits like leaf shape, plant shape, white backs, petiole color eventually became more important than all those flashy colors in the variegated stuff.

2006 - 2007 - New objectives

2006 was the first year the solid colored plants that arrived at the Hosta Mill outnumbered the variegated ones.  I still made up a wish list (I still do), but the final judgment was made at the nurseries, seeing the plants for real.  My taste in hostas had made a drastic change,  so drastic I decided to stop buying variegated plants all together, with only the odd exception allowed.

Because I was very pleased with the results my 2006-2007 seed experiments, and as I was gathering more and more knowledge on hostas at high speed, I started buying and collecting plants with higher potential for my hybridizing schemes to be.  The focus shifted even more to shapes of plants and leaves, texture, substance, red petioles, white backs and fronts, wavy and piecrusted edging, etc.  Every now and again a streaker was added, to have pod parents for my own variegated seedlings.

2008 - It's getting better all the time

Not much has changed in the hosta buying policy for this year.  The emphasis will be more on one of my  latest goals: the building of a collection of species, named clones of the species and sports from the wild or from horticulture + other plants (hybrids? - species?) from the wild.

Another (mainly financial) blessing is that buying is no longer the only way to extend the collection.  Many plants have reached adult size, and are ready for dividing and swapping. I've even played with the idea to sell of a number of the older variegated plants all together, but I have to admit, that's very hard to actually do.  We'll see about that later.

The trading thing can have some disadvantages as well: before you know it the collection grows so fast you're in danger of loosing your grip on it.  Collecting hosta, at least to me,  is a hobby, not nearly as important as our family life or my job; It should never give me more work than what I can handle in a reasonable space of time.

A review of plants I ordered so far

The plants I have received are marked green.

Plants for the species collection

You'll notice there are some variegated ones here.

Name Origin Description
H. capitata species species
H. 'Chishima Iwa' (Wild NR) Japan, Chishima Island.  Maybe a H. rectifolia morph ? Possibly a species. Mini, shiny dark green leaves have good substance and are quite wavy. Leaves held in a radial fashion and the clump is open. Lavender flowers.  This one fits in my "species and forms from the wild" collection.    My guess of it being some H. rectifolia morph is based on the general appearance (judging from a picture) and the location where it was found, which is in a general area where only H. rectifolia forms occur.
H. clausa var. clausa species species

H. clausa var. normalis (F. Maekawa 1937/AHS 1993)


H. fluctuans (F. Maekawa 1940/AHS 1993)    
H. 'Fujibotan' (Japan NR) Japan, H. rectifolia type ? Tight clump of cordate green leaves, but above all fully double lavender flowers on scapes that can carry over 50 flowers on older clumps.  Apparently not a montana type, but a rectifolia type, although I wonder how a H. rectifolia form would end up on Mt. Fuji, where it was found by Gotemba Nursery.

H. 'Harvest Delight'

species ?

Narrow dark green leaves, probably a kikutii selection, late flowering.
H. 'Kifukurin Hyuga' (Japan/P. Ruh 2002) H. kikutii sport or hybrid = H. kikutii 'Kifukurin Hyuga'
= H. kikutii 'Aureomarginata'
Shiny medium green leaves with a creamy-yellow edge, narrow, pointed, nicely veined. Lavender flowers in the fall, after most hostas have finished blooming.
H. 'Kifukurin Kiyosumi' (Japan NR) Japan, H. kiyosumiensis sport = kiyosumiensis 'Aureomarginata'.
Floppy substance, like kiyosumiensis.  For the species collection
H. 'Kifukurin Ubatake' (Japan/P. Ruh  2002) H. pulchella sport = H. pulchella 'Aureomarginata'. 
Slow grower.
H. 'Kinbuchi Tachi' (Japan/P. Ruh 20002) H. rectifolia sport AKA H. rectifolia 'Kinbuchi Tachi', =H. rectifolia 'Shirofukurin', =rectifolia 'Aureomarginata'.
Distinctly upright mound of creamy-margined foliage.
H. kiyosumiensis 'Maiohgi' Japan, H. kiyosumiensis sport Greenish-yellow leaves with a green border, looks like kiyosumiensis 'Nakafu', unknown but beautiful.
H. longipes var. hypoglauca species  
H. longipes var. latifolia species  
H. longipes ‘Tenryu Nishiki'   Shiny green leaves with a greenish-yellow margin, purple petioles and late flowering.
H. longipes ‘Urajiro'   Grey-green leaves with a white back, purple spotted petioles, late flowering.
H. montana ‘Ginrei' (Watanabe NR) Japan, Mt. Fuji A montana collected in the wild by Watanabe.
It has a margin that is white mottled with green.
H. 'Nokogiriyama' (Japan NR) Japan: Nokogiriyama, Chiba pr. Good grower. Nice flowers. Very long scapes.
H. 'Ogon Chirifu Hime' (H. Hansen/ Shady Oaks Nursery 1999) unknown Heart-shaped to round grey-green leaves, little known plant that came to Europe via Heinz Klose
H. 'Ogon Iwa' (Japan NR) Probably a H. longipes form or seedling = longipes 'Aurea' (invalid name).
12" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
Light golden, lance-shaped leaves, changing to chartreuse as the season progresses, with red petioles. Ruffled margins. Dark scapes.
Each 18" wide clump is topped in late summer with 20" purple scapes with purple flowers.
Very strong grower with good red color in the petioles. Can produce seedlings that are also gold with red.
H. 'Ogon Koba' (Japan/AHS NR)   = H. 'Wogon'.
All gold leaves, makes a good border plant; lavender flowers.
H. 'Ogon Tachi' (Japan/P. Ruh 20002) H. rectifolia sport =rectifolia 'Ogon Tachi'. Yellow rectifolia.
Purple flowers on greenish yellow scapes above bright yellow leaves!!
H. Saishu Jima (Japan/J. Craig/A. Summers/P. Ruh 2002) Saishu Island, Japan Very small and low plant, shiny lance shaped green leaves 4" x 1", wavy leaf margins. Bell shaped purple striped flowers. Rapid increaser.  Good edger.
Very small and low, shiny dark green wavy leaves. Produces an abundance of lavender to purple flowers
H. Shiro Tama Nishiki (Japan NR)


Quick grower.
This medium sized mound of roundish bright green leaves is said to have fragrant flowers.
H. venusta, 'Benedict Strain' species  
H. yingeri species  


Streakers, moms to be

Name Origin Description
H. 'Hyuga Urajiro' (Japan NR) H. kikutii f. leuconota mutation Looks like the streaked version of kikutii f. leuconota: frosty blue spear-like leaves with yellow streaks. The undersides of the leaves have a metallic silver coloration.
H. 'Ice Age Trail' (M. Zilis 2002/Wisconsin Hosta Society 2003) H. Big Daddy' Sport Very heavy textured, rugose, crinkled and cupped blue leaves with heavy cream and white streaking.
H. Justice (M. Zilis 2003) sport of H. 'Elatior' Streaked H. 'Elatior'
H. 'Outhouse Delight' (T. Avent 1998) H. 'Undulata' hybrid 10" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade.
The narrow upright held 6" long x 1" wide leaves emerge white and then assume a green stippling in the center. Color holds all summer. Upright foliage, slightly stoloniferous. Lavender flowers mid-summer.
The 12" wide clump is topped with lavender flowers in mid summer.
An ugly hosta that produces great seedlings, a streaked breeder.


Just the ones I liked

Name Origin Description
H. 'Abiqua Trumpet' (Peter Ruh 1991)   Blue green, upright, spoon shaped leaves, heavy texture, cupped with inward folding edges, give this plant a pinwheel look.
Bell shaped medium mauve flowers in July on 18" scapes.
An upright grwer with small, blue leaves, cupped and puckered.  Lavender flowers.
H. 'Arctic Blast' (Monty Carlson NR) ? An elegant vase-shaped clump of thick, cool frosted blue leaves with white undersides that have lots of ruffles and twisted tips.  Such a combination makes a plant the Hosta Mill collection can't do without. Lavender flowers in early summer that will hopefully produce viable seeds, as this one really has some great traits to pass on.
H. 'Barbara May' (R. Solberg 2004) (H. pycnophylla x H. 'Harvest Dandy') x (H. 'Blue Arrow' x H. 'Sea Fire') A beautiful bright blue hosta with abundant white wax on the top and bottom of the leaves, that holds well into the season; almost triangular leaves with delicately ruffled margins, strong veins and good substance. Light lavender flowers in July and August.
H. 'Bedford Blue' (I. Chrystal NR) H. hypoleuca x H. 'Halcyon' Chalky blue leaves.
H. 'Belle of the Ball' (F. Williams 1943/AHS 1986) H. kiyosumiensis x H. pycnophylla Medium size, medium green leaves with slightly rippled margins, shiny on top, white backs, purples petioles.
Lavender flowers.
Moderate growth. 
H. 'Betsy King' (?) H. decorata x H. sieboldii Shiny, blunt tipped oval green leaves in an upright clump with extremely long stippled petioles. A large number of deep purple flowers on each 24" scape. August blooms.
H. 'Big Chance' (R. P. Savory 1983)   Blue sieboldiana type.
H. 'Blackfoot' (M. Plater-Zyberk/R. Solberg 1994) H. 'Kabitan' hybrid Bright yellow gold, spoon shaped leaves, with dark petioles.  Vigorous
Dark lavender flowers on a  flower scape with purple veins.
H. 'Blue Baron' (E. & J. Deckert  2005) ? Tardiana-type plant.   Mound-like, growth rate slow/medium.  Leaf color intense, almost steel blue.  Produces seed, unsure if viable.
H. 'Blue Eyes' (R. Herman 1996) H. venusta hybrid A very vigorous grower for a blue leafed Hosta. 
H. 'Bountiful' (E.V. Fisher 1971) H. nakaiana hybrid A compact mounded plant with ovate to heart-shaped, dark green leaves, topped with an abundance of beautiful lavender-pink blooms.
H. 'Camelot' (E.B. Smith/BHHS 1988) H. 'Tardiflora' x H. sieboldiana 'Elegans'
A medium sized tardiana with heart-shaped, nicely textured blue gray leaves with excellent slug resistance.
Near white flowers in August.
H. 'Carder Blue' (E. Carder/A. Summers/AHS 1986) H. 'Tokudama' hybrid = H. 'Tokudama Carder' = H. 'Ellen Carder' = H. 'Tokudama Carder Blue'
Blue-green, puckered and cup-shaped leaves.
Lavender flowers.
H. 'Cherry Tart' (Alttara Scheer NR) ? A vigorous, small hosta with an upright growing habit, a great way to show off the deep scarlet petioles, the color of ripe pie cherries.   Vibrant yellow leaves. It also sets plenty of viable seed. I'll have to find an elevated position where it can catch the sun and it really shows of those red legs.
H. 'Chesapeake Bay' (Olga Petryszyn 2004) (H. 'Maui Rains' x H. 'Blue Arrow') x H. 'Blue Betty Lou' Blue hosta in the "Americana Series" from Olga Petryszyn. Large "oyster-shaped" leaves. Near white flowers top the clump in midsummer.
H. 'Clovelly' (Kent Terpening 2005) H. 'Split Decision' selfed This one has been on my wish list for a couple of years, mainly for its fantastic piecrust edges. The leaves have superb substance and are held horizontally creating an open and airy clump. Pale lavender flowers in July.
H. Connecticut River (A. Malloy NR) ? Elegant shape, symmetrical clump. Leaf with wavy edge, green, broadly lanceolate.  Very good garden plant, still relatively rare.
One from Alex Malloy's ' American River Series'.
H. 'County Park' (Grounds/G. Hutchins 1983) unknown Very short petioles
H. 'Crystal Dixie' (M. Fransen 2006) H. 'Dixie Chick' sport The all green sport of 'Dixie Chick'.
Fast and easy grower.
H. 'Davidson 87' (NR)
H. 'Blythe Spirit' (R. Davidson/G. Schenk/P. Ruh 1990)
? Medium blue-green leaves, pointed, thick substance, outward facing pink lavender flowers.
From the Suzuki collection, Japan.
Obviously a H. kikutii type
H. 'Dawn' ( BHHS/S. Bond 2000) unknown.
Rumor has it it may be a seedling of H. 'Hydon Sunset'.
=H. 'Sunset'.
Dainty mound of small bright yellow leaves; purple flowers; holds colour longer than 'Hydon Sunset'.
Small and fast growing.
Similar to Hydon Sunset but holds color longer. 
H. 'Daybreak' ( P. Aden 1986) "Japanese seedling" sport A large mound of large deep gold heart- to funnel-shaped leaves with good leather like texture and strong textured veins. Tolerates half sun.
Flower buds lavender, open blue. August bloom.
H. 'Devon Giant' (A. & R. Bowden NR) H. 'Hadspen Blue' hybrid Very large 'Elegans'-type leaves. Needs moisture in Spring. Tall flowers more strongly coloured than the parent. 
H. 'Dew Drop' ( Walters Gardens 1988) H. 'Gold Drop' sport Small dark green leaves with a whitish margin. Heavy texture. White to lavender flowers in late June.
H. 'Drip Drop' (Walters Gardens 1988) H. 'Gold Drop' sport Yellow green leaves with wide whitish margin. White flowers.
H. 'Edward Wargo' (H. Weissenberger 1986) H. 'Hadspen Blue' hybrid Very deep dark blue green cordate leaves. Very pale lavender flowers.
H. 'Eleanor Roosevelt' (M. Zilis NR)   Small dark green leaves.  Small mound size at maturity.
H. 'Elisabeth' (K. J. W. Hensen 1983 ) Wageningen, from seed received in 1964 from Munich Botanical Garden Medium size, green leaves with wavy edges and glaucous bloom on underside.
Floriforous, light lavendar flowers in July.
H. 'Empress Wu' (Brian & Virginia Skaggs NR) H. 'Big John' hybrid Brian & Virginia Skaggs, pen pals of my daughter Romy and members of the famous FOoSF club, do not often bring hostas on the market, but boy, when they do.  This one definitely rivals for the "largest hosta" crown. Huge dark green leaves have deeply impressed veins and tremendous substance. In 5 or 6 years a mature clump can reach 4 1/2' tall.  Topped with pale lavender flowers on 5' scapes in midsummer.
H. 'Floradora' (P. Aden 1978) H. nakaiana x (H. longipes "dwarf" seedling) Rapid growing clump of heart shaped, medium green leaves 2" x 1". Low growing.
Lavender flowers on 12" scapes. Massive flowers.
H. 'Fluted Fountain' (Don Dean 1999) (x H. 'Sun Power') x H. 'Donahue Piecrust' A tall, vase-shaped fountain of green leaves with deeply impressed veins, tight ruffles, and a sharp, twisted tip.  Strong erect scapes are in proportion to the plant and hold a bouquet of near-white flowers accented by bracts with rose-red centers.
H. 'Glorious' (Ken Livingston NR) H. ‘Raspberry Sorbet' hybrid A small graceful plant that is fast growing.  The leaves are thick, smooth, bright shiny undulating, turning brilliant yellow in the sun. The base of the buds and the scapes are vibrant red. Lavender flowers, purplish-red seed pods
H. 'Gold Drop' (K.A. Anderson 1977) H. venusta x H. 'August Moon' Tight mound of gold/chartreuse leaves, heart-shaped and sharply pointed.
Tolerates sun.
Bell-shaped lavender to white flowers on 15" scapes in June-mid-July.
H. 'Grant Park' (Mark Zilis 2006) H. 'Marquette Park' sport Medium-sized mound of wavy, bright green foliage; pale purple flowers on 3-4 foot scapes from late July into mid-August
H. 'Green Blade' (R. H. Benedict NR) H. 'Yellow Splash' sport The stable green form of 'Yellow Splash'.
According to Benedict 2 times larger than 'Yellow Splash'.
H. 'Ground Sulphur' (R. O'Harra 1986) H. 'Subcrocea' hybrid Forms a low, dense mound.  The spoon-shaped, cordate chartreuse/gold leaves hold their color all season. The color is more intense in sunlight.  As the plant matures the leaves develop an interesting curl. Multiplies rapidly.
It has medium lavender blooms on 28" scapes, appearing in June.
H. 'Hacksaw' (Ken Livingston NR) H. 'Atom Smasher' x H. 'Stiletto' Small, rapidly growing plant with long narrow and tapered leaves which are intensely rippled and serrated. Excellent hybridizing potential, as it has some characteristics seldom seen in hostas, and it is extremely fertile both ways.  Sun-tolerant. Blooms very late in the season with lavender flowers.
H. 'Heideturm' () H. rectifolia hybrid Upright green leaves, very tall bloom scapes with good flowers.
H. 'Hirao Majesty' (S. Hirao/M. Zilis/P. Ruh 1997) unknown = H. 'Rudolph #1' = H. 'Hirao T66-01'.
Tetraploid.  Large, majestic mound of large, shiny green leaves with wavy edges.
Deep lavender flowers in July.
A spectacular landscape plant.
Similar to Hirao #59. 
H. 'Hirao Splendor' (S. Hirao/M. Zilis/P. Ruh 1997) H. kikutii hybrid Formerly known as H. 'Hirao #59'.  12 x 18" arching clump. Deeply veined lance-shaped bright green leaves with a glossy appearance, topped in very late summer with sturdy, but arching spires of blue lavender flowers on 21" stems.
H. 'High Kicker '(P. Aden 1987) Hosta pycnophylla hybrid Medium mound size.  Arching green leaves with a very wavy margin and white backs to the leaves.  Lavender flowers.
H. 'High Tide' (Hans Hansen 2005) H. longipes var. latifolia x H. 'Dorset Blue' A nice compact clump, of frosty blue-green, heart-shaped leaves. Lavender flowers on 20 inch scapes in late summer.
H. 'Hydon Gleam' (A. George/P. Ruh 1998 ) H. 'Paxton's Original' x H. 'Ogon Koba' Makes a small compact mound of chartreuse-green foliage.
Attractive striped purple flowers, scape up to 1 foot tall.
H. 'Jade Scepter' (M. Zilis/T&Z Nursery 1988) H. 'Golden Tiara' sport The all green form of H. 'Golden Tiara', fast growing with purple striped flowers.
H. 'King of Spades' (Beilstein 2007) H. ‘Neat Splash' x H. ‘Blue Moon' Medium (16" X 30"), very tight clump. Unusual, medium blue-green hosta has extremely heavy puckering throughout its spade-shaped leaves.  Lavender flowers in July
H. 'Lakeside Lollipop' (M. Chastain 1993 ) unknown This small, low-growing plant, was so named because each leaf and its petiole is shaped like an old-time all-day sucker. The very dark green leaves are nearly round with a rounded base. They are flat and have a unique edge turning upward, thus providing further interest to the clump. Pure white flowers on well-proportioned scapes contrast with the leaves. 
H. 'Lakeside Ripples' (Mary Chastain 1991) ? Very large - Deeply ruffled rich green leaves form a beautiful upright clump,
Strong scapes support an abundance of white flowers.
H. 'Lakeside Sir Logan' (Mary Chastain 2002) ? Very heavy substance. It has been described as feeling like an inner tube. The rounded scalloped leaves cup downward. Purple flowers.
H. 'Limey Lisa' (W. Zumbar NR)   A delightful mini clump of tiny heart- to spoon-shaped lime-green leaves.  A good grower and a great little mini. This one works well in the border or in a container. Bright lavender flowers in July.
H. 'Little Bit' (A. Malloy 1999) H. 'Surprised by Joy' sport Small green leaves, green leafed sport of 'Surprised by Joy', rapid growing venusta type of plant.
H. 'Little Miss Magic' (R. Solberg 2004) H. 'Estrellita' [=(x H. 'Emerald Ripples') x H. 'Subcrocea']x H. 'Tardiflora' Its cascading long pointed leaves emerge bright yellow in the spring and rapidly make a small sturdy clump that dances in the breeze. It does become chartreuse later but sends out multiple sets of bright yellow leaves throughout the summer. Rich lavender flowers follow in August. Named for my daughter, Jenny. 
H. 'Little Red Joy' (Danny van Eechaute 2004) H. 'Red Sox' x H. 'Wiggle Worms' Small, shiny wavy green leaf on a red petiole, the red runs into the leaf blade
H. 'Maraschino Cherry' (Japan NR) H. 'Cherry Berry' sport Long, shiny dark green leaves on tall red petioles.
Lavender flowers on purplish red 35" scapes.
H. 'Marrakech' (Kent Terpening NR) ? Small, gold, the backs coated with white, ruffled edges. Pale dusty pink scapes and buds.
H. 'May' (M. Zilis/R. Solberg 1999) H. 'June' sport A gold form of H. 'June', very vigorous and same size as its parent. Topped with lavender flowers and can take a bit of sun.
H. 'Maya Swingtime' (Alttara Scheer NR) ? It emerges pale chartreuse with a blue bloom and deep blue veins, which fade as the leaves turn a glowing yellow. Good substance, ripples edges, white backs and twisted leaf tips.  Sets viable seeds.
H. Mikawa-no-Yuki (H. Sugita/P. Ruh 1997) H. kikutii x H. longipes Green lanceolate leaves with white backs.  Lavender flowers.  Medium mound size at maturity
H. 'Nancy' (A. Tower 2005) ? Wavy heart-shaped leaves are heavily substanced, Brighter yellow in spring.  , lavender flowers in late July. The shiny, slightly cupped leaves are most brilliant in the spring.
H. 'Neptune' (H. Hansen 2006) (H. 'Maekawa' x H. 'Halcyon') x H. 'Salute' Medium to large (24” X 47”) upright clump, wedge-shaped rich blue-green leaves, wonderfully rippled and cascading downward, to form a large flowing mound of foliage, a very attractive shape to me. Light lavender flowers open during August on arching stems. Impressive, even as a small plant
H. 'Paradise Island' (Marco Fransen 2005) H. 'Fire Island' sport Heart-shaped bright yellow leaves with a dark green margin. Yes, I know, it's not solid colored and it's not streaked.  When I saw it at Marco Fransen's nursery, I immediately fell in love with it and decided I needed it ... very badly.  
H. 'Pearl Lake' (Piedmont Gardens 1982)   15" tall. Light Shade.
A very dense, compact, symmetrical rosette of perfectly space rounded leaves, green to dark green on top, blue-grey below. Slightly cupped with some crimping between veins on older leaves.
Vigorous grower.
Light to medium lavender flowers in June on 36" scapes. The flower buds are distinctive and ball shaped.
Makes a very nice mound with many tightly spaced flower stalks.
H. 'Pete's Dark Satelitte' ( Piet de Rooij NR) H. 'Green Sleeves' seedling  
H. 'Phoenix' (Ulrich Fischer NR) H. rectifolia hybrid. Elegant, pointed, lanceolate glaucous light blue-grey leaves. Very tall lavender flowers in late summer. Looks like a super hosta to me, but for some reason it still is rare in collections
H. 'Pineapple Poll' (E. Smith/BHHS 1988) H. sieboldiana x H. 'Lancifolia' Upright mound of narrow, wavy, dark green narrow leaves, heavily rippled, good slug resistance.
Very prolific.
Lavender flowers on 40" scapes in August.
H. 'Popo' (Russ O'Harra/F. Riehl 1993) unknown 5" tall. Light Shade.
White flowers.
Small 9" wide, neat compact mound of tiny blue green heart shaped leaves. Cupped.
In late spring, the clumps are topped with 10" scapes of striped lavender to white flowers. A heavy bloomer.
H. 'Powder Blue' (H. Sugita/P. Ruh 1998) ? Heart-shaped to rounded puckered thick blue leaves, seedling of Japanese origin.
H. 'Purple Boots' (Danny Van Eechaute 2004) H. 'Gig Harbor' x H. 'Riptide' Danny has this thing with red petioles, and this one is a pretty nice result of his efforts.  Medium size, green leaves on dark reddish-purple dotted petioles. Dark purple flower scapes and buds also. Good grower, fertile, passes on the purple petioles
H. 'Purple Dwarf' ( K. J. W. Hensen 1983) H. nakaiana hybrid Compact, small clump, green leaves, purple flowers, fast multiplier.
H. 'Purple Haze' (Jansen 2004) ? Medium, elongated glaucous blue leaves with purplish stems, with the color continuing into the veins and with a truly unique trait: a haze of purple infusing on to the leaf surface; heavy substance. Unfortunately the purple haze fades rather soon.
H. 'Quill' (R. Herold 1996) H. pycnophylla x H. yingeri Dense, feathery mound of straight, narrow, slightly wavy green leaves with white backs make a dense feathery mound.
Spidery lavender flowers on thin, wiry scapes. As the last flower fades, it puts out a small new scape from the top of the old one.
Tolerates quite a bit of sun and has proven to be quite vigorous.
H. 'Radio Waves' (G. Johnson 2004) H. 'Shining Tot' seedling Medium green; centre band of chartreuse in spring; very wavy; good substance. Extremely fast grower!.
A flash of variegation in spring, but the real value of this plant is in its attractive waviness and fast growth rate, making it an ideal edging plant or low ground cover.
H. Red Baron (P. Cross 2001) H. ventricosa 'Aureomarginata' hybrid Medium-sized, upright mound of lance-shaped, green leaves with very rippled margins. Both the base of the petioles as well as the bloom scapes are bright red. Lavender flowers. 
H. 'Red Dragon' (Ken Livingston NR) (H. 'Elvis Lives' x H. plantaginea) x H. 'Red Neck Heaven' Rippled shiny bright green leaves held on strong upright red petioles, that extends up to the leaves.  Bright red flower stalks that bear purple flowers in August.  Fertile.
H. 'Red Salamander' (Mildred Seaver NR) H. rupifraga seedling? Shiny green leaves with a wavy margin, red leaf petioles and flower scapes, never been really available
H. 'Red Stepper' (R. Goodwin 1996) H. 'Invincible' hybrid It loves the sun and has bright reflecting blades that glisten when the light hits them. Add to this the bright red petioles and pale lavender flowers late in the season. Named after the Red Steppers from Indiana University.
H. 'Roller Coaster Ride' (M. Zilis/R. Solberg 2005) H. 'Ray of Hope' sport White-margined Hosta laevigata.
Narrow medium green leaves with a rippled white border.  Variegated species morph. Good substance with small lavender spider flowers in late summer. 
H. 'Ruffed Up' (Monty Carlson NR) ? Ruffled leaves, color changes from green in the shade to mottled gold and green, to yellow-gold in the sun. Good growth, great substance, sun tolerance and tall scapes.
H. 'Sahara Nights' (Kent Terpening NR) ? Small to medium blue hosta with wavy white backed leaves and petioles that are purple at the base.
H. 'Second Wind' (John Kulpa 1991) H. 'Whirlwind' sport Nicely formed medium size mound of very dark green, shiny leaves, rounded an slightly cupped, heavy leathery texture, the all-green sport of H. 'Whirlwind'.
While this plant came out of 'Whirlwind' in tissue culture, there is little resemblence.
Lavendar flowers in July.
H. 'Semperaurea' (Japan/K. Foerster/P. & J. Ruh 2003)   =sieboldiana 'Semperaurea'.
This is a very important plant historically, as it was the first known lutescent gold hosta, and possibly the first gold hosta of any kind. It travelled from Japan to Germany before H.'Frances Williams' was discovered. It's a gold sieboldiana type that still makes a pretty good showing in the garden.
Produces yellow seedlings.
H. 'Setsurei' (Gotemba Nursery, Japan NR) H. hypoleuca x H. pycnophylla Rare Japanese hybrid. Shows traits of both parents.
Few large leaves with white backs and wavy edges, first yellowish-green, later a bluish-green.
Petioles glaucous and purple spotted.
H. 'Sherborne Swift' (E.B. Smith/BHHS 1988)   Forms a small to medium size mound of deep blue, heart-shaped leaves.
One of the less common tardianas.
H. 'Snowstorm' (L. Simpers 1980) H. rectifolia hybrid =H. sieboldii 'Snowstorm'.
Green leaves topped by white flowers.
H. 'Something Blue' (L. Simpers/P. Ruh 1991) H. 'Blue Beauty' x H. 'Blue Boy' Forms a large to medium sized mound of deep blue foliage, round to heart-shaped with excellent texture. Pale lavender to nearly white flowers in July.
H. 'Stingray' () H. kikutii x H. montana Upright clump of green leaves with wavy edges.
H. 'Swizzle Sticks' (R. Herold 1996) H. montana 'Aureomarginata' x (H. venusta x H. Maruba Iwa hybrid) A small to medium mounding plant with satiny/shiny green leaves and reddish stems.
Rare red stem breeder plant.  
H. 'T.Rex' (D. & J. Ward 1999) H. montana f. macrophylla x 'Big John' Gigantic green leaves.   This one is for my son Arno (now 5), who is mad about dinosaurs.
H. Tequila Sunrise (G. Johnson 2004) H. 'Spritzer' x H. pycnophylla A moderately dense mound. Emerges vibrant yellow in spring, turning chartreuse as the season progresses, red petioles.
H. 'The Razor's Edge' (Kent Terpening NR) H. ‘Hacksaw' x H. ‘Atom Smasher' Upright clump, vigorous.  Long green leaves, quite ruffled, white backs. Intensely red petioles that show off due to the upright growth habit.  Lavender flowers
H. 'Totally Twisted' (Alttara Scheer NR) H. pycnophylla hybrid Small, very vigorous, soft pale bloomy green pycnophylla hybrid with white backs, red petioles, and rippled leaf edges. The leaves tend to turn upwards from the midpoint, giving a unique riotous upright mound shape and making it easy to show off the red petioles. The tips of the leaves turn and twist, quite commonly twisting 180 degrees, so that the underside of the leaf is facing upwards.
H. 'True Blue' (P. Aden 1978 ) H. 'Chartreuse Wedge' x (H. nigrescens x H. 'Blue Vision') A medium to large sized plant with a fine flared form; blue-green heart-shaped leaf with good substance, heavily textured, puckered, leathery and rugose, that hold color all season. Unusual orchid colored flowers edged in white. Fertile. Pest resistant.
H. 'Ultramarine' (Mark Zilis/M. Vanous 2003) H. 'Sea Lotus Leaf' x H. kikutii f. leuconota A medium fast growing dense mound, 18 x 40", leaves 9 x 6", rich bright blue, smooth texture, thick substance. Gets its brilliant blue foliage color from 'Sea Lotus Leaf' but resembles H. kikutii f. leuconota in mound habit, leaf texture and blade shape.
H. 'Venus Star' (R. Hammond/R. Ford NR) H. venusta hybrid Medium plant, early to emerge in spring with grey green leaves.
It is a venusta hybrid, with leaves very much larger than venusta.
H. 'Wagtail' (E.B. Smith/BHHS 1988) TF 2 X 35 (H. 'Tardiflora x ?) Medium sized plant with blue-green leaves and lavender flowers with unusual internal markings.
Good multiplier.
H. 'War Party' ( R. Goodwin 2000)   A very distinctive blue, grows in an upright manner making a vase-shaped clump that can reach 30". Holds the blue color all season and is a vigorous grower. The blade-shaped leaves have great substance and a moderately wavy margin. Happiest in a shady location. Topped with lavender flowers.