The hosta hobby gives me loads of pleasure, and takes lots of time.

Over the years, I carried out a lot of what I now call "projects".

This section is a log file of these activities.

By far the most elaborate project is this website.  Boy, did I underestimate the time and the effort  I was going to spend on it.  And it's still far from finished.  But, hey, it's fun, and the response I got from other hosta enthusiasts is simply fabulous.  It's the ideal way to get to know many fellow hosta lovers.

Making labels was a lot of fun (if you're a little bit into DIY, you should try this to).  Design your own, so you are sure that you get what you want and need.

Hostas and kids simply is great fun; my daughter started helping me with every little hosta chore I have.

Sowing 2006-2007 caused a bit of a problem: I didn't really have the time (due to all the other projects) nor the space: the house was a building site, and I simply didn't have a heated room to put up an indoor sowing installation.  Luckily I kept in touch with the hosta lovers on the Hostavalley Hosta Forum: their enthusiast stories and pictures of sprouting seeds convinced me to go ahead with both indoors en outdoors sowing.

There were some setbacks, the most important one being a power surge that caused a lot of damage, but in the end, growing hostas from seeds turned out very rewarding, and I may have had some beginners luck: some of the seedlings are still under evaluation.

The outdoors experiment was less successful, for two reasons: a bad sowing medium an a lack of time.

Sowing 2007-2008 was even better.  I now had the basic skills and more plants to harvest seeds, and built an installation that doesn't need extra heating.  Some experiments with nutrients and other additives turned out very well.

I intend to grow hostas from seeds indoors every year, but this will no longer be a new 'project' on this website.  Hopefully all the efforts in the past and future will lead to a new topic, Hosta Mill cultivars.

Hybridizing 2008 started well, and then it stopped.  2008 was a year of working hard to get the garden ready, with very little 'hosta' time left for other things.  And the hybridizing process was more time consuming than I expected.  I hope to do some serious hybridizing in 2009.