Hosta Care

Hosta Care

If you love hostas, you're in luck.  They are among the toughest and easiest garden plants there are.  Some will even grow in the cracks in the pavement.  Given optimal care, the result can be simply breathtaking.

Still, there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want perfect, thriving hosta. 

It will help if you've got a good insight in the hosta growing cycle, and when you're aware of the most important needs of your plants.

It would be easy if every cultivar required the same growing conditions, but, as you might have guessed, that's not the case.  I'll try to give you some base rules, but you have to find out for yourself which conditions any given hosta prefers.

You'll find a lot of tips in this section about hosta propagation techniques.

A special place is reserved for the 'Hybridizing' topic.  In my opinion, hosta hybridizing, the creation of new, (valuable) cultivars, takes a special place in the hosta hobby.

And there are those plants that will not perform well in the garden, no matter how much attention and care they get.  These are useless as garden plants, but some of them have their merits in hybridizing.  Most haven't.  It's every hybridizer's obligation to evaluate every new cultivar before releasing it on the hosta market. Careful placement and a top quality soil will provide for optimal growing conditions.  And, mind you, not every cultivar is a easy as that.  Some will require some serious green thumbs to thrive.

And last, but unfortunately, not least, there are the diseases hostas can suffer from and the animals that can attack your plants.

If you have good advice on hosta care you'd like to share with your fellow hosta lovers, give me some feedback on this.  I will try to spread the word through this site