Landscaping at last ?

2007 - Landscaping at last ?

This is a view from a couple of years ago.
Behind the carport, boarding the road, is a huge conifer hedge.  It kept getting larger every year.

Last autumn it was cut down (by hand, it couldn't be reached with the tractor: 34 conifers, real slave labor).


January 27 2007.

That's how the front of the garden in the early afternoon.

The first steps for planting a European Beech hedge are carried out.


It starts with a ditch that provides plenty of space for the beech roots.  The old, poor soil is amended with half compost and a generous sprinkle of bone meal.


The planting itself is a piece of cake. 

In 3 hours time Riet and I plant 100 beeches.


This part of the garden was out of sight, hidden by the carport and the old conifer hedge.
Over the years a lot of things, like wood logs, leftover cobblestones, a compost container, another container for potting soil, have been laying around.

All this rubble still needs to be removed.



A along the hedge and the side where the horse-chestnuts used to be a row of Oriental planes will be planted shortly .