An almost blank canvas

2005 - An (almost) blank canvas

During the first four months of the year I continued demolishing the remaining old sheds and the removal of the existing paths.

Because the soil is still full of concrete blocks and iron rubble, I called the help of some heavy equipment.


The work progresses extremely fast.  I'm  beginning to wonder why I didn't have this done a long time ago.


Not only does all the rubble get dug out and removed (including a 19th century water pit),
the site is leveled out and the beds for the paths are prepared.


Up till now, I've done practically everything myself, but putting in the terraces and garden paths, most of it in old porphyry cobblestones is a specialist job.

However, there's a nice job for my: making sure the men have enough stones.  After three weeks of hard labor I'm the proud owner of steel arm muscles.  No workout can beat that.


I didn't realize back then, but this must have been about the last time the horse-chestnuts were looking their best.


Autumn 2005.

I think we can be proud of the results