It's a wild, wild, wild world

2001 - 2004 It's a wild, wild, wild world

In the blessed year 2000 my wife and I bought a new house and garden.  Compared to our old little garden 1/20th of an acre, our new patch of land (1/4th of and acre) seemed huge.

There were hardly any hostas in 2000, let alone a collection.

First we had to tackle the problem of the (typically Flemish) sheds of all kinds and nature

View along the long axe. The pictures were taken in December, but there still were some leaves on the horse chestnuts in the rear.             
Our pigeon shed: 18.5 by 2.75 y.  I do like pigeons... but only if they're cooked nicely.

Behind the conifer hedge another shed was hidden, a "flight cage" for young pigeons (12 by 2.2 y)



Planting : conifer hedges and Prunus laurescens "Otto Luycken" (loads of them) and variegated Euonymus (sheer horror)

Behind the garage (the extending part at the rear of the house) there was a patch of Christmas trees that had grown far to big.  They were planted really close together and were no longer fit to sell.



Behind the pigeon house: our second "garage", 12 x 4 m.
Hidden by the garage: nothing but nettles and the inevitable Euonymus