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The Garden

Hosta Mill - The Garden

In the year 200& my wife and I became the proud owners of a garden of a little under 1/2 acre in size (I know in the States you have multi acre gardens, but for Belgium 1/2 acre is quite large).
With our daughter Romy, 2 years old at the time, we moved to our new home, surrounded by woods and fields in December.

The garden was a mess.  Part of it was overgrown with weeds, the rest was landscaped in a style we didn't like at all.  Completing the chaos were a numbers of constructions we didn't want and that were built without a building permission.  Because we're both mad about gardening, the decision was made pretty early on to start with "building" a new garden before the house would undergo some major changes. 

Because it would take me a lot of effort to transform the original garden (which was a collection of sheds and concrete constructions, kept together by some lawns and a lot of ugly shrubs), I wanted to keep some kind of logbook of the continuous evolution that took place.
The Hosta Mill garden is by far the largest of all our projects.  These pages will in time grow into a chronological logbook of the creation, the growth and - hopefully in the not to distant future - the blooming period of the garden.  You can follow up on successes, set-backs and solutions.

To say integrating a hosta collection in the landscape can be a bit of a problem, is a serious understatement.  Hostas tend to be variegated, and this clashes with my idea of a garden.  My ideal garden is a place where one can cool down after a busy day or week at work.  I like a garden with soft tones, not the clash of the colors.  Riet on the other hand prefers an "architectural" garden, with block planting and geometrical "hardware" areas.

Slowly "phase 1" is nearing completion.  The structure, the backbone of the garden is there: pathways and terraces are all there, a lot of trees and some shrubs have been planted.  There remains some work to be done, mainly planting of shrubs and perennials, and weed-controlling, but as garden lovers this reads as: "Let the fun begin !"

Why "The Hosta Mill" ?

A website needs a name. 

Numerous possibilities came to mind, one even more silly than the other, and this while the solution was right at my feet (literally).
Where now is my house , there used to be a windmill.  The mill has long gone, but the street is still is called "Molenstraat" (Mill Street). 
So it became ...

The Hosta Mill

The evolution