Hosta Mill Collection
2010 Acquisitions

Hosta Mill Cultivars - 2010 Acquisitions

Over the years I've learned I do not have the time to take care of a 1000 plants collection.  As there are still a lot of variegated cultivars that have to leave the collections, I decided it would be best to purchase only one new plant for every two that leave the collection.

There are still a lot of variegated plants left at this point.  This year some 150 have left the collection, so an absolute maximum of 75 new entries could be purchased.  Well, I've been moderate.

So what's new ? 
First of all, every year a small number of plants does not survive winter and sadly enough diseased plants are sometimes discovered.  To make up for these losses, 5 plants were replaced.
Then there a about 30 absolutely new cultivars:

1 H. 'Blue My Mind'
2 H. 'Brutus'
3 H. 'Celtic Uplands'
4 H. 'Concord'
5 H. 'Confused Angel'
6 H. 'Dartmoor Forest'
7 H. 'Devon Desire'
8 H. 'Dragon's Eye'
9 H. 'Glacier Cascade'
10 H. 'Glen Fetish'
11 H. 'Green Dragonet'
12 H. 'Hot Air Balloon
13 H. 'Indiana Blue'
14 H. 'Interstate 71'
15 H. 'Kaleidochrome'
16 H. 'Kisuji'
17 H. 'Lily Blue Eyes'
18 H. 'Majordomo'
19 H. 'Mary Jo'
20 H. minor 'Korean'
21 H. 'Mirage'
22 H. 'Paradise Blue Sky'
23 H. 'Purple Heart'
24 H. 'Rosemoor'
25 H. 'Samual Blue'
26 H. 'Spirit of St Louis'
27 H. 'Stimulation'
28 H. 'Sweet and Sour'
29 H. 'Tall Boy'
30 H. 'Ulysses S. Grant'




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