New Hosta Cultivars

Breeding new cultivars

There are two ways to create new cultivars: asexual and sexual.

The asexual way a hosta can produce a new cultivars is through sports.
Trying to find these sports is called Sports Fishing.  When you have enough plants and time at your disposal, you're bound to find a new sport.  Simple as that.

New hostas can also be grown from seed, sexual reproduction

In the Sowing topic, you'll find advice on how to harvest seeds, on different sowing techniques and on how to raise the seedlings.

Last but not least, there's the  Hybridizing topic.  Where as it's easy to finds a new sport and to raise hostas from seed, hybridizing hostas is a true form of art.  I try to provide you with some tips and advice which will raise your odds in breeding that valuable new cultivar you have in mind.